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What is GI Tourism? Experience Bidar's Bidriworks with GI-TRIPS.

GI stands for Geographical Indications. A geographical indication (GI) is a distinctive sign used to identify a product whose quality, reputation, or other such characteristics relate to its geographical origin. GI Tourism is a niche tourism product that connects GI products to the Tourism circuit with the aim of making tourists to understand and experience the product at its origin and buy directly from the makers. These GI-tagged products are unique in their nature and characteristics due to its geography. One such product is Bidriware or Bidriworks from the Indian state of Karnataka.


Bidriware is a metal handicraft from the city of Bidar in Karnataka. It was developed in the 14th century C.E. during the rule of the Bahmani Sultans. The term "bidriware" originates from the township of Bidar, which is still the chief center of production. The metal used is white brass that is blackened and inlaid with silver. This native art form was obtained GI Tag registry on 03/01/2006.


Bidri artisans blacken their wares using soil obtained from a 15th-century fort in Bidar. They say that in some parts of the fort, the soil does not receive sunlight or rain for years on end, and this gives the soil its desired properties. When the artisans go to the fort looking for such soil, they identify it by taste.

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