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Dear Readers,


It gives us great pleasure to bring to you our second issue on the Geographical Indications(GI) of India. As we are a company focused on education, travel, and leisure, our vision is to encourage people to travel for GI-tagged products to experience the diversity within a city. A product receives a GI sign when it belongs to a specific geographical origin and possesses qualities that may be replicated elsewhere but belong to its originating place.


We have curated for you a broad spectrum of interesting articles that showcases the GI-Tagged Coffees of India. Most of us love to chit-chat over a cup of coffee or to keep us going throughout the day. But do we know the interesting story about the '7 beans' and how the coffee industry in India is booming because of it? Well, through this issue, we would like to bring into light the five varieties of GI-Tagged coffees in India. With the GI tagged label, the five coffee brands in India will be able to achieve the best market price for their premium products all over the world.


The entire team of GI-Trips is glad to have you be part of our community and we’d like to hear back from you our esteemed readers on how you find this issue. Your feedback is valuable to us. It helps us improve our magazine.

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Enjoy Reading!



Erica D'costa

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